Prithi Daswani, CPA, is a dynamic, innovative, boutique accounting and tax-planning firm.

Prithi Daswani, CPA is not your usual accounting firm.

With Prithi Daswani CPA, you get straight-talk without judgement and you get peace of mind knowing you’re in the hands of caring experts that are actually passionate about helping clients keep more of what’s theirs.

CPAs who understand where you’re coming from.

Running a business, or multiple businesses, combined with complex family finances that include properties and investments, can be emotionally taxing (okay, pun slightly intended).

Today’s entrepreneurs and business owners have a lot to think about when it comes to creating a sound tax strategy. It takes a holistic, empathetic approach to fully understand how to effectively address today’s more complex tax situations.

We’re ready to crack the code on your tax planning and accounting.

We dare to understand.

With Prithi Daswani CPA, don’t expect a traditional accounting firm. Expect to be heard. Understood. Challenged. And pleasantly surprised with fearless thinking and bold solutions. You get authentic passion and personalized answers. You get a holistic, balanced approach to your overall financial situation. And you’ll get to keep more of what you earn because she fights for every dollar like it’s her own.

Brand Values


See how it feels when your CPA knows what it’s like to be in your shoes without judgement.


Identify and implement innovative solutions together.


Sometimes the best strategies come from being informed and brave and creative enough to explore the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Services

There’s really no substitute for hands-on attention and the right professional experience. We offer a full array of accounting services as well as taxation, international taxes and financial services for businesses or individuals.

Meet Our Team

Prithi Daswani

Certified Public Accountant

Tiffany Stahlheber

Senior Accountant

Tammy Mason

Director of Accounting

Sherwin Davis

Executive Office / Financial Coordinator

Janice Alvarez

Director of Client Relations

Zoe Trinh

Senior Accountant
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